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Transparent Plate

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What is Transparent Plaque?

Thanks to modern dentistry practices, dental crookedness, which is among the common dental problems, can be treated painlessly and painlessly with appliances that cannot be noticed from the outside. By means of orthodontic devices called transparent plaques, the teeth can be brought to their ideal positions, making it possible for the person to have healthy and aesthetically pleasing teeth. Defects in tooth alignment are corrected using transparent aligners that function as braces. Personally produced plaques wrap all teeth and ensure that each tooth reaches its ideal position step by step. Thanks to these orthodontic appliances, also known as transparent braces, orthodontic treatments have gained a much easier and more comfortable quality.

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How is Transparent Plaque Treatment Applied?


X-ray and Bone Measurements


Treatment Process


Application Process


A Perfect Smile

Transparent Plaque Treatment

When modern medical practices come together with aesthetic dentistry, disorders related to tooth alignment can be resolved in a way that does not disrupt the daily life of the person and does not cause aesthetic concerns. Tooth crowding, which occurs due to different internal and external factors, is permanently resolved with clear plaque treatment, which is one of the modern dentistry applications.

Examination & Planning

First of all, you will be subjected to a detailed examination by a specialist dentist. If necessary during the examination, your doctor may also want to view your tooth roots via x-ray. Afterwards, if your doctor deems it appropriate, preparations are made for clear plaque treatment.

How long the treatment will take and how often the plaques will be renewed may vary depending on the treatment your doctor has planned for you and the response of your teeth to the treatment. In accordance with the measurements taken, a special plaque is prepared for your teeth in the laboratory environment and you start using the transparent plaques.

Application & Result

Transparent plaques remain attached to your teeth for most of the day and your teeth move in the targeted direction with the effect of this plaque. Even the people closest to you may not notice it when it is attached to your teeth. This is how clear aligners treat crooked teeth.

Thanks to the clear aligners that have been used for orthodontic treatments for more than twenty years, you no longer need to avoid orthodontic treatments. Get ready to experience a comfortable and aesthetic treatment process without interrupting your work, family or social life.

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To Whom Is Transparent Plaque Treatment Applied?

  • People who have problems with tooth alignment and are considered suitable for orthodontic treatment.
  • People who have sparse teeth and are considered suitable for orthodontic treatment
  • Those who refuse to solve the existing dental crowding problem with metal braces treatment and whom the specialist physician finds suitable for clear plaque treatment
  • People who do not have any gum disease or bone resorption that would interfere with orthodontic treatment.
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What are the Benefits of Transparent Plaque Treatment?

  • Due to the transparency of the appliances, the person does not have any concerns about his appearance during the treatment.
  • Especially young patients get rid of the psychological problems caused by metal braces.
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  • Transparent plaque treatment is a painless, painless and comfortable treatment method thanks to removable appliances.
  • Transparent plates do not have any negative effects on speech.
  • There are no annoying situations such as bracket rupture during the treatment.
  • Since the transparent plaques are mobile, there is no problem during activities such as eating and brushing teeth.
  • Transparent plaques do not cause any harm or discomfort to teeth or gums, as they are produced from soft materials compatible with human biology.

For Special Transparent Plaque Solutions;

Frequently Asked Questions About Transparent Plate

Şeffaf plaklar tedavi boyunca sürekli olarak mı takılmak zorundadır?
Bu sorunun cevabını uzman diş hekimi vermelidir. Ancak başarılı bir ortodontik tedavinin kısa sürede tamamlanabilmesi için plakların günde ortalama 20 ila 22 saat süresince kullanılması tavsiye edilir.
Şeffaf plak ağrılı bir tedavi yöntemi midir?
Hayır. Plaklar dişlere ilk kez takıldığında dişler üzerinde hafif bir baskı hissi ortaya çıkar. Ancak bu his geçicidir ve hasta buna bir iki gün gibi kısa bir süre içinde alışacaktır. Şeffaf plaklar yenilendiğinde de aynı hafif baskı hissi duyulabilir.
Şeffaf plaklar hangi sıklıkta değiştirilir?
Uzman diş hekiminiz dişlerinizdeki probleme göre size özel bir tedavi planı çıkarır ve tedaviye başlanır. Tedavinin gidişatına göre plaklar belirli aralıklarla değiştirilir. Bu süre genellikle 2 hafta olmakla birlikte aslında tamamen gidişata göre belirlenir. Dişlerin hareket etme hızı belirli bir seviyeye ulaştıktan sonra duruma göre 1 haftaya bile düşebilir.
Şeffaf plak uygulamasında yaş sınırı var mıdır?
Dişlerinizle ilgili mevcut problemin şeffaf plak tedavisiyle çözülebilir olması durumunda yaşınız kaç olursa olsun bu tedaviyi alabilirsiniz.
Şeffaf plak için tedavi ücreti ne kadardır?
Klinikten kliniğe, doktordan doktora göre farklılık gösterebilir. Dişlerinizle ilgili dizilim bozuklukları, çapraşıklığın boyutları ve tedavi boyunca kullanılacak plak sayısı da ücret üzerinde belirleyici olabilmektedir.

Meet the Specialist Dentists at the Clinical Academy.

Depending on the positive effects of advanced technology on modern medicine and the up-to-date dentistry practices developed with it, new and comfortable treatments are implemented. Invisalign treatment, known as clear plaque, is one of them.

Thanks to the application of transparent dental plaque, people can perform their orthodontic treatment in a comfortable and peaceful way without worrying about my appearance will deteriorate and I will feel uncomfortable in social life. In this way, when I say that I will treat tooth deformities, which have negative psychological effects in all areas of life, this time, aesthetic concerns during the treatment are prevented.

Thanks to the orthero treatment, known as transparent braces, it is possible to achieve flawless teeth and a healthy smile as soon as possible with a comfortable and trouble-free treatment process. As stated by the transparent plaque users; This treatment method has an important advantage that it does not cause any disruption to daily life.

Clinical Academy, which makes a difference among Istanbul clear aligner centers with its experience and physician staff, is one of the best addresses you can apply for your existing dental problems. You can have healthy teeth and perfect smiles in a planned and reliable way with the transparent plaque treatment applied by specialist and experienced physicians in this field.

Clinical Academy is one of the most reliable clinics you can reach for your transparent plaque searches in Turkey. With a personalized treatment approach, modern diagnosis and treatment units, and the most up-to-date dentistry practices, the easiest, fastest and most successful treatments become possible for you.

Transparent plaque prices are at different levels in different clinics in 2022. Klinik Academy has an institutional understanding that can look at the transparent plaque price issue from the patient’s side as well. Therefore, you can solve your current orthodontic problems under the leadership of the Clinical Academy without experiencing any problems with the treatment process or the treatment fees.
To find answers to what you want to know about clear aligner treatment or all other oral and dental health problems and to get information about clear aligner prices, contact the Clinical Academy without wasting time.

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